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What is B.A.S.E.?

B.A.S.E. is our 1-hour initial training program that establishes a foundation for you and your dog. During our first session, your trainer will establish a thorough background and history of your dog. Additionally, we execute a training strategy by implementing management protocols that will quickly change your dogs behavior. Then, your trainer will recommend one of our training programs with respect to accomplishing your goals with your dog.

Why B.A.S.E.?

This training program uses a 360 degree approach in the onset of training by looking at a multitude of factors including; establishment of a thorough background and history of your dog, management implementation, force-free philosophy, positive association conditioning, and evaluation of your dog. By combining all of these variables along with your commitment to your dog’s needs, our programs have a high degree of success.

What Happens After The B.A.S.E. Session?

In most cases, your trainer will recommend a training package that may include any combination of private lessons (On-Site or In-Home), Group Classes, Special Limited Classes, and/or Board and Train. By working with your trainer, we will find the right program for you and your dog to achieve success!

Session Details:

  • Location: On-Site at our facility, or in your home.

  • Duration: 1 hour

  • Price: $99* ($150 Value)

*Prices subject to change and travel fees may apply if outside our 10 mile service radius


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