Unwavering Commitment and Loyalty

If there is one thing I learned from being in the Army, it's that my fellow soldiers and I were committed to our duty and we never asked for anything in return. While it is appreciated that many businesses offer special promotions on Veteran's Day, all we (veterans) care about is that our service and sacrifices are acknowledged. We were trained to do our job and we enjoyed doing it (most of the time).

Ironically, I find that dogs are very similar to this. They don't ask for much in return to the unwavering loyalty to doing their own jobs, whether that is herding, working, or being a household companion. While dogs don't process information and think like we do, the essence is the same. They are a member of a team, your team, and they just want the acknowledgement. In return, we have the duty and responsibility to treat dogs (and all animals) with respect. 

I owe my life to my boxer Lulu because she helped me deal with the effects I experienced after returning home from a tour of duty. Dogs have an incredible ability to read body language. In fact, many common behavioral problems that dogs exhibit are a result of their owners sending the wrong signals. But, through the reading of body language and the sending of calming signals (that many dogs do so well), dogs can help a veteran when he or she is at a weak point. I, like many other vets out there are eternally grateful for our K9's.

So let's celebrate November 11th in support of all our veterans who have guaranteed our freedom. But, afterwards let's spend every day of the year respecting animals and especially our K9 companions because we owe it to them.

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Here are some great programs that help veterans by pairing them with a K9 companion:

Paws and Stripes and Pets for Patriots