Brain Games! Give your bored dog something fun to do!


🧠 Giving your dog something engaging and enjoyable for them to do is so important!

We are all busy in our day to day🚗📱👩‍💻 but you CAN easily add enrichment to your dog's daily routine!

🍽 Why not give your dog a task and have them work for their food and/or treats?🦴🥩🧀

Allowing your dog to have an outlet for normal behaviors like 👃*Sniffing and Foraging* gives them a job!

Let's be honest, so many of our dogs are unemployed couch potatoes!

Miss Zelda demos the KONG Wobbler here which she discovered is her favorite!

📧 Message us if you're looking for a new way to ENGAGE your dog and give them a JOB!