Frequently Asked Questions


Are you qualified to train my dog?

Yes! The dog training business is unregulated in the U.S., which means no official certification or demonstrated skills are required to be a trainer. Our trainer Dave, went through one of the most challenging and prestigious schools in the country: The Catch Dog Trainers Academy where he completed the master program and earned the CDT certification. He also is a member of the Pet Professional Guild, the only dog trainers association that vets its members. Additionally, he is an APDT Member (Association of Professional Dog Trainers). Dave uses a science-based methodology of training that utilizes operant and classical condition to get the results you want. His training is based on positive reinforcement and he is committed towards being force-free, pain-free, and fear-free. We will never use prong collars or shock collars in our training.... EVER!

Why is science-based, force-free training the best for my dog?

When someone uses aversive methods (utilizing pain and punishment to get a behavior to stop aka P+ or R-), stress in the dog skyrockets by releasing the stress hormone, cortisol. Science has shown that when cortisol spikes, learning and memory get depressed. This means that when you use pain, your dog doesn't learn well. Additionally, the utilization of any pain, force, or fear during training or interacting with a dog can create unwanted new environmental fear triggers. Many trainers use these techniques because they get results... and they get them quickly, because the dog is becoming fearful... not learning. This is a one way trip towards creating an aggressive dog.

By using proper reward based training in dogs, we get the best learning without causing new fear triggers. The teaching and learning aspects of dog training become fun for you and your dog. And, you get long lasting results while bonding with your dog.

How Long do your sessions last?

Each training session lasts 60 minutes. However, sometimes the sessions can go a little over due to the material that we are working on. That's okay, there is no extra fee - we want to insure you are comfortable with the material before leaving. During the first session, our trainer will gather the full background and history of your dog, and the trainer will go over your training goals. Occasionally, we will start with a hands on exercise towards the end of the first session.

Do you guarantee your training services?

The short answer is no. Any trainer who guarantees how behavior will turn out is misguided and unethical. A good trainer knows that behavior is impossible to guarantee because there are too many variables that influence behavior. What we do guarantee is that our trainer has the skills and knowledge to help you overcome behavioral problems through management and behavioral modification techniques. If you follow through consistently with the training methods that we teach, you can guarantee progress will happen!

How often do we schedule training sessions and where do they take place?

Training sessions will usually take place at your home, that is where your dog is most comfortable (in most cases). We promote a stress free training environment and we don't want you or the dog to be stressed trying to arrive at a certain place within a certain time. On average, you could expect that we will meet for training sessions every 2 weeks. Depending on our goals, we may meet more often and sometimes we will meet less often. The frequency in sessions is solely based on your scheduling, our availability, and the nature of the material that we are currently working on.

What forms of payment do you take?

Payment for all services can be made with cash, check, or major credit cards. Payment is due at the time the session/service is provided. For credit cards, you can use our online scheduling portal to make payment.