Caroline, Justin & Bruno

At Attention Dog training has exceeded every expectation I could have imagined. With a brand new puppy and not having much training knowledge, my boyfriend and I wanted to make sure we got the best training to start our puppy off on the right paw! The entire staff is so friendly, helpful, and very very knowledgeable. From the moment Leslie came to assess our home I knew this was the best place to get training. As a new parent I naturally had a TON of questions and there was never a time the staff wasn’t there to help! Every first Saturday of the month there is also puppy play, which is amazing for your puppy! We live in the city so the commute was tough, but that’s how amazing the training was and we are looking into doing the advanced class. If you are looking for not only a friendly staff, but most importantly knowledgeable, PLEASE make your way to At Attention Training. You and your fur baby will be very happy and satisfied 😊 thank you for all you did for Bruno, Justin, and I.