Ed, Lauren & Conrad


We initially enrolled our puppy in a 6 week class at Petsmart, but we weren't totally satisfied with the level of training - we wanted something more for our pup. It wasn't until a few weeks into that class that we heard of At Attention. A coworker had seen the van in her neighborhood and suggested looking into it. I'm glad we did!! We had looked at other companies, but their programs offered much less, at a much higher price.

You can really tell that the trainers at At Attention are highly educated on dog behavior and that they care about their dog and human customers. They use force free, pain free, fear free methods for their training. Our pup recently graduated from the Puppy Bootcamp class and will be starting the advanced class in a couple weeks. We can't wait!

Do yourself a favor and skip the cheap pet store classes and check out At Attention for your training needs! Huge thanks to trainers Katherine and Lesley for all you do, and to Dave for serving our country and for starting such an amazing company! 5 stars for all of you :).