Brielle, Zac & Rosie

I honestly cannot say enough amazing things about At Attention Dog Training. We have a 90 lb female Doberman, Rosie, who is fearful of strangers (people-especially males and dogs). Walking her or taking her anywhere was a nightmare and I was always so anxious. She would bark, lunge, her hair would go up and it was scary! I knew we needed help since she is such a big and strong dog, I worried I wouldn’t be able to hold her when I walked her. I honestly thought that she would just be a dog who can’t be around other people or be in different environments. Beside from her being fearful, she is very obedient and loyal. We have worked with A LOT of dog trainers and she was in training since she was a puppy. Unfortunately, she had some traumatic experiences (being attacked by off leash dogs) which added to her fearfulness, but none of the previous dog trainers had ever mentioned her red flag behaviors and how we might want to look into a private dog trainer- until we met Dave.

I contacted a lot of different dog trainers who specialized in reactive dog training. Dog trainers with PhD’s and numerous certifications- I called and spoke to everyone and asked them my list of questions. Dave was so patient on the phone and I just felt at ease with him. It was clear that he knew what he was doing and he spoke to me for almost an hour answering all my questions and concerns. He was confident in his ability and his training methods and it just felt right.

From the start, At Attention Dog Training was such a please to work with. Erika, who schedules appointments and responds to emails, was always SO pleasant and responded quickly. She really is the main point of contact and made such a difference when contacting the company- always kind, patient and understanding.

Dave was our trainer and he was the one who trained us in his reactive dog training method. Dave is so knowledgeable and always explained everything so that you can understand it and apply it. He also takes notes for you during your session so that at the end, you can just take a picture of the white board- which I thought was so helpful because it can be overwhelming with all the information you are trying to process while working with your dog (especially with the reactive dog training program because it is intense).

I used to dread taking Rosie to training classes but I (and Rosie) were always excited to see Dave. He made the environment so pleasant and always knew what I was thinking or anxious about. He was able to help us apply every technique we learned in class immediately so that we could go home and do the same. He talked us through everything and I have learned the most about our dog and training her from Dave.

Rosie ended her private session with Dave in May and she is doing SO well, I couldn't be happier!! Since we stopped training, she has met 4 new people (3 males and 1 female) with NO problems- it blew me away. At Attention Dog Training has actually changed our life and our dog’s life because we are no longer always anxious with Rosie. We know what to do and how to do it because of Dave. Training a dog never ends and we still have things to work on, but now we have the right tools and confidence to do so. Dave also reached out to us a couple months after training to check in on Rosie!! This just proves how much they truly care about their clients and the dogs they train! Whenever someone asks me about a dog trainer, I always recommend At Attention Dog Training out of all of the trainers we have worked with. They are truly the best.

The only thing I wish I could change, was working with Dave sooner! We will absolutely be going to Dave and his trainers for all of our future dogs! Thank you At Attention Dog Training and Dave for being so wonderful to us and our Rosie!