Chris and Maximus

Having had a lifetime of different Spaniel breeds as family members over my lifetime, I didn't know what to expect when allowing the most handsomest American Bully into our family. Maximus is full of energy. We brought him home and he fit right in, but like I said was full of energy. Looking around for some training, I found At Attention and Dave. Dave and Leslie showed up and Maximus took an immediate liking to them. Dave's Attention to detail and knowing what type of training Maximus needed was a quick relief.
In the 5 training sessions we have had, Maximus went from a sweet puppy full of energy running all over the house and not "knowing" what we wanted of him, to sitting and staying at corners while on walks. He knows when I call him, to come running and "touch" my hand. Dave made it seem easy. I truly enjoyed working with Dave to teach and guide Maximus into his full potential. Thank you from my family for helping us get the most out of Maximus!
Thank you for your service to our country.

Bettina and Blanche

This is my five-year old pitbull mix Blanche. I took her on a walk yesterday and we cruised right by another dog without so much as a whimper. That is a huge improvement - it used to be that walking her anywhere near another dog would cause her to go ballistic! And that change is thanks to David Shade! Blanche has been through training before, but not until David did she respond like she has. She is a far more confident dog, which makes me a more confident owner! If you have a pup with behavior problems, or you need to know how to handle your dog, call David. His training methodology is excellent, and his care and respect for dogs is evident in the way he handles them.

Camala, Jeremy & Root Beer

Dave was awesome with our fearful rescue, Root Beer. He taught us awesome tricks to help us teach her how to be a less scared dog. We still have a lot to work on outside of training sessions, but we will use the lessons he taught us forever, with all of our dogs!

James, Jennifer & Prince

We had 5 sessions with Dave and our dog Prince, and each time we took away a great deal of new techniques. Dave helped us train Prince in the areas of we had discussed but also gave us the tools to continue training on our own. Dog training is as much about the owners learning as it is the dog, and Dave is a great teacher for both dogs and owners. Thanks Dave!
We rescued our 3 year old pit mix in August and knew right away that we needed some help with training. Our dog was shy, fearful of other people, and wasn't great at walking on his leash. We had 5 sessions with Dave and learned a lot of techniques from leash walking to overcoming fears (the vacuum, the blender, etc). Dave was friendly, professional and very patient with us. He answered all of our questions and always came prepared with treats for our boy. We've seen a significant positive change in our dog, and we're so happy that we now have the tools to continue teaching him. We highly recommend Dave!