Great Expectations: We place the highest expectations on our Dogs!

➡️ The expectations we place on dogs are greater than any other species.

➡️ We expect puppies and dogs🐶 to "know what to do".

➡️ Yet we usually we FAIL to show them and reward them for that correct choice in the first place.

➡️ It's important to always ask yourself, "How can I set my dog up to be successful in the first place?"

➡️ If you do this, you're being PROACTIVE, not REACTIVE and you can avoid feeling like you have to tell your dog off for, "getting it wrong".

➡️ Reward behaviors you like! ✔ "Yes!, Good Girl!" for behaviors like resting at your feet while you work at your computer. 💻⌨🖱

➡️ Behaviors that are reinforced are likely to be repeated. What an excellent CHOICE compared to finding a shoe to chew while you're distracted! 🚫👠


Brain Games! Give your bored dog something fun to do!


🧠 Giving your dog something engaging and enjoyable for them to do is so important!

We are all busy in our day to day🚗📱👩‍💻 but you CAN easily add enrichment to your dog's daily routine!

🍽 Why not give your dog a task and have them work for their food and/or treats?🦴🥩🧀

Allowing your dog to have an outlet for normal behaviors like 👃*Sniffing and Foraging* gives them a job!

Let's be honest, so many of our dogs are unemployed couch potatoes!

Miss Zelda demos the KONG Wobbler here which she discovered is her favorite!

📧 Message us if you're looking for a new way to ENGAGE your dog and give them a JOB!

Bark Collars. What are they all about? (e-collar, stim collar, vibrate collar, citronella collar)

Why don't we recommend or ever use bark collars?

Whether the collar uses citronella spray, warning beeps or electric stimulation aka shock, they are NOT recommended.

**Shock collars are banned in other countries.**

🐕❌🤖 Remember, dogs aren't robots! They are living beings capable of memories and emotional responses. They have the cognition of human toddlers 👶👧 (no more than 3 years old) when they're fully grown!

A bark collar "works" by causing FEAR in the dog for practicing a natural behavior, communicating (barking). The dog is punished for barking thus suppressing that particular behavior. Other new behaviors may creep up in its place!

To FIX AND RESOLVE the problem, you must actually work to get at the root of the issue!
Having helped hundreds of families we can say that there are many reasons WHY the barking is occurring.

Each different version of the collar uses punishment in an attempt to diminish the undesirable behavior. This is not only unnecessary but actually harmful.

Overwhelming modern, recent research tells us that using a tool like this has great risk of unintentional consequences. The evidence also demonstrates that dogs who experience these punishments are significantly more likely to be anxious or become aggressive.

Need help with barking? We are the team of trainers you're looking for!

Let's Talk About... Zoomies!

Zoomies/FRAPS are high-energy bursts of activity in which a dog looks like s/he is possessed, after which they often lie down exhausted as if they've run a marathon or played to their heart's content and need a break. On these zoomies, some dogs chase their tail until they spin so fast they fall over, only to do it again and again, some dash here and there but somehow seem to know the dimensions of their body and rarely run into an object, other dogs, or people, and then there's Darwin "the water fountain frapper dog."

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