Why Choose AADT? We believe that great dogs aren't born, they're trained. At Attention Dog Training uses positive reinforcement based methods which will promote learning for your dog with long lasting effects. Science has shown us that using harmful tools such as e-collars, prong collars, and whips only lead to long term psychological damage. Our trainer, who is an expert at communicating with dogs, can help you understand your dog, which will foster positive communication between you and him/her. Dave, our head trainer, who is also a U.S. Army veteran, will get your dog sitting "at attention" in no time!

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"After only one session with At Attention Dog Training, we began to see a transformation"

"His training methodology is excellent, and his care and respect for dogs is evident in the way he handles them."

"Highly, highly recommend to anyone with a dog, even if they think they are doing okay on their own!!"

"We were able to better communicate with him, and he actually listened!"

"After just one visit, we noticed changes in behavior, and Dave gave us great tools and exercises to practice and continue progress."

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