Elaina & Turbo


When we got our puppy, Turbo, we wanted to make sure that he got the best training possible. I did extensive research on training programs in the area, but nothing came close to At Attention. From the very start, I felt welcomed, listened to and cared about.

As first time puppy parents, we had A LOT of questions. Every single one of our questions were answered by one of the amazing staff members with such an in depth explanation so that we could understand it and so that we can use what we learned at home.

The Puppy Boot Camp program that we completed gave Turbo a solid foundation that we were able to build off of! The commands that Turbo learned during the training program have truly made our lives easier. We use them on a regular basis! My favorite command that Turbo learned was "TOUCH" because now we are confident that he will come every single time he is called to "TOUCH."

I can not speak highly enough about the staff at At Attention. They have treated Turbo like one of their own since we started coming there. They truly care about the puppies that attend and are not just there to do a job. They are there because they care and are passionate about dogs and about their mission.

If you are considering coming to At Attention to train your puppy/dog, then look no further! This is the place to go!

Nicole, Michael & Franklin


We could not recommend At Attention Dog Training enough to puppy parents! Our dog, Franklin was our first puppy and we were a little (extremely) lost when it came to training. The Puppy BootCamp program at Attention Dog Training was a game changer for both us and our dog. During the 6 week program, we learned invaluable skills that we use daily. Our trainer Katherine, was patient, knowledgeable and the puppies absolutely love her! She helped arm us with good techniques and tips for dealing with behaviors that we needed to correct at home. In addition to our classes, the program also allowed for a home visit/ personal training session. Our home visit with Lesley was a huge help to us! She was able to see Franklin in his element and assist us with issues that we were having at home that wouldn't necessarily be addressed at class. As first time puppy parents, she also introduced us to great puzzle toys, snack mats, busy feeders, and things we wouldn't have known about that have become part of our daily routine. Thank you AADT for helping us and Franklin!! We love you guys!

Vania, Chris & Vincent


Why we love At Attention Dog Training.

From the moment I posted on Facebook until today, Lesley has been the best support a new puppy momma can have. She guided me with choosing our Vincent and together with her husband Dave took me on a shopping trip to get everything we needed to welcome Vincent home.

We completed our puppy Boot Camp with flying colors and I couldn’t be happier with how much Vincent learned. He is such a well-behaved puppy in public and loves every living thing thanks to the importance of socialization that Lesley kept stressing early on. We are so grateful for all the dedication and hard work Lesley and her husband put into creating the best learning environment for all their clients.

Thank you so much,

Chris and Vania

Paola, Jeff & Kali

We love how effective from day one At Attention Dog Training was, from subtle changes in a leash to a Dog routine can make a big difference in the way you want to approach your training and with all his knowledge David Shade provided that and more. With Positive reinforcement and without the use of punitive tools, he is able to get to you and your dog to speak Dog language and be on the same page! I absolutely recommended to any Dog owner but specially first dog owners if you really want to get your dog on the right track FOR LIFE!

Chris and Maximus

Having had a lifetime of different Spaniel breeds as family members over my lifetime, I didn't know what to expect when allowing the most handsomest American Bully into our family. Maximus is full of energy. We brought him home and he fit right in, but like I said was full of energy. Looking around for some training, I found At Attention and Dave. Dave and Leslie showed up and Maximus took an immediate liking to them. Dave's Attention to detail and knowing what type of training Maximus needed was a quick relief.
In the 5 training sessions we have had, Maximus went from a sweet puppy full of energy running all over the house and not "knowing" what we wanted of him, to sitting and staying at corners while on walks. He knows when I call him, to come running and "touch" my hand. Dave made it seem easy. I truly enjoyed working with Dave to teach and guide Maximus into his full potential. Thank you from my family for helping us get the most out of Maximus!
Thank you for your service to our country.