KING OF PRUSSIA, PA., Oct. 26, 2018 – At Attention Dog Training®, King of Prussia’s only Force-Free Certified dog training company, today announced an upcoming appearance on “Ready, Set, Pet”, a segment on The CW’s “One Magnificent Morning” program. The series is focused on educating and informing families who are looking to adopt pets, with each episode featuring a different family’s journey through making an informed decision, navigating the adoption process, and preparing their homes for their newest member.

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At Attention Dog Training® will be featured in the fourth episode of the series, helping a father and his son who recently lost their German Shepherd find a new dog for their home. The Company was brought on to provide insight into different dog breeds and help the family consider which breed would be the right fit for their lifestyle, age, and willingness to commit to training.

“As a company that welcomes dogs of all ages, breeds, and behavior, we are proud to raise awareness and support the practice of pet adoption,” said David Shade, owner and lead trainer of At Attention Dog Training®. “When adopting a dog, it is crucial to keep in mind your family’s lifestyle, as well as the value of proper training. We were thrilled to help this family navigate these important decisions and introduce them to positive-reinforcement based training methods, which help to promote long-term learning and strengthen relationships between owners and their pets.”

The episode will air this Saturday, October 27, 2018, at 9:00 a.m. EST on The CW. A preview of the episode, along with a guide to transforming a house for a new pet, will also published on prior to the episode.

About At Attention Dog Training®

At Attention Dog Training® was founded in 2015 by David Shade, a U.S. Army veteran and Purple Heart recipient.  At Attention Dog Training provides basic obedience, puppy training, and behavior solutions for dogs of all kinds. The Company employs Force-Free, Fear-Free, and Pain-Free positive-based reinforcement methods based on proven science to promote learning and establish a healthy and happy relationship between dogs and their owners. David and his family have been active in the dog world advocating for the humane treatment of animals, as well as supporting several different rescues through foster and adoption. In 2018, the Company was voted Best of the Main Line and Western Suburbs for dog training services.


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New Puppy/Dog Prep: Let's Go Shopping!


Bringing home a new puppy or dog is sure to be a momentous occasion for you and your family - a day you'll always remember! 

Before you introduce your new companion to their forever home, what should you do to prepare?  GO SHOPPING! 


But what are the essential items you'll need?  The local pet stores and online shops can seem overwhelming to navigate with so many choices that your head can spin.   Don’t fret – we’ve compiled our favorite items!

Potty Training: It's always a good idea to have an enzymatic pet cleaner on hand for each of your floor surfaces!  We recommend Nature's Miracle carpet and floor cleaners. 

Puppy Shopping - Chews
Puppy Leashes

Bones & Chews: Steer clear of rawhide bones - instead you can opt to have a femur bone on hand - often they come stuffed with cheese or peanut butter which you can replace later.  Always watch your dog enjoying a bone - each dog enjoys their bone differently! 

*Some dogs will attempt to swallow large pieces.  Always verify that your peanut butter is free of artificial sugars like xylitol ,which is highly toxic to dogs. 

Collar & Leash:  Opt for a standard snap buckle collar and 6 ft. leash for your new friend! 

Keep in mind, if you're bringing home a puppy that the collar may be the first of a few collars you'll need to purchase as your puppy grows.  If you are unsure which size to select, we recommend you purchase a smaller size and one size up, just in case. 

Grooming Supplies

You'll want to ensure a good fit so your puppy/dog is safe. Need to know how to ensure your collar fits?  Send us a message

Grooming Supplies:  You'll be glad you planned ahead when your new friend finds a mud puddle! With so many shampoo options, how do you select the best option? 

We like to keep it simple!  We recommend that you select products made in the USA, organic, limited ingredient, and not tested on animals.  Check out these products by Organic Oscar


TOYS: KONGS & more! 

KONG brand toys can serve many purposes.  For little puppies, KONG brand has a line of softer toys (usually in baby blue and baby pink colors) in a variety of shapes.  We recommend the KONG tire toy and a standard KONG shape toy (cone) to start. 

Be prepared to invest in additional standard KONG toys as your puppy grows.  


Want to know how to put your KONG toys to good use and which other dog toys we recommend?  Contact us! 

Food: You Are What You Eat! 

Your new family member may come with a bag of food recommended by the shelter, rescue, or breeder.  Sometimes the quality of the food isn't at the highest level and we know that behavior can be affected by the food your pup eats!   It's important to speak with your veterinarian about helping you new friend to slowly change their food, if necessary.    

Contact us to find out which foods we suggest and how to evaluate the food your dog is currently eating!


Treats/Rewards:  You'll want to stock up on high quality treats so you're ready to start potty training right away!   Don't be stingy - using rewards is an extremely effective way to teach your puppy what you want them to do!  We recommend Zuke's brand training treats.

Want to know more about potty training?  Check out our blog here! 

A NEW CHAPTER BEGINS!  This suggested shopping list will get you and your new friend off on the right paw!  

This is just a simple list of suggested items we've found to be very valuable and effective but it certainly isn't the exhaustive list. 

We are your local dog experts and are happy to help answer any questions you have before, during and after you bring home your new puppy/dog!