Great Expectations: We place the highest expectations on our Dogs!

➡️ The expectations we place on dogs are greater than any other species.

➡️ We expect puppies and dogs🐶 to "know what to do".

➡️ Yet we usually we FAIL to show them and reward them for that correct choice in the first place.

➡️ It's important to always ask yourself, "How can I set my dog up to be successful in the first place?"

➡️ If you do this, you're being PROACTIVE, not REACTIVE and you can avoid feeling like you have to tell your dog off for, "getting it wrong".

➡️ Reward behaviors you like! ✔ "Yes!, Good Girl!" for behaviors like resting at your feet while you work at your computer. 💻⌨🖱

➡️ Behaviors that are reinforced are likely to be repeated. What an excellent CHOICE compared to finding a shoe to chew while you're distracted! 🚫👠