Elaina & Turbo


When we got our puppy, Turbo, we wanted to make sure that he got the best training possible. I did extensive research on training programs in the area, but nothing came close to At Attention. From the very start, I felt welcomed, listened to and cared about.

As first time puppy parents, we had A LOT of questions. Every single one of our questions were answered by one of the amazing staff members with such an in depth explanation so that we could understand it and so that we can use what we learned at home.

The Puppy Boot Camp program that we completed gave Turbo a solid foundation that we were able to build off of! The commands that Turbo learned during the training program have truly made our lives easier. We use them on a regular basis! My favorite command that Turbo learned was "TOUCH" because now we are confident that he will come every single time he is called to "TOUCH."

I can not speak highly enough about the staff at At Attention. They have treated Turbo like one of their own since we started coming there. They truly care about the puppies that attend and are not just there to do a job. They are there because they care and are passionate about dogs and about their mission.

If you are considering coming to At Attention to train your puppy/dog, then look no further! This is the place to go!